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Without a valid OFATV trail permit you are not permitted on any OFATV trails, including NVATVC trails.

Trail permits provide funds to local clubs to create and maintain trails, as well as providing insurance to protect both the rider and the land owner.

Permits can be purchased online through the OFATV web site. They are valid for one year at a cost of $150, and are valid for 12 months from purchase.

Your OFATV Trail Permit is valid on many trails throughout Ontario. Visit the website to learn about the other trails you have access to.

An OFATV Trail Permit can only be purchased by the owner of a registered and insured ATV. Ownership, insurance, and plate numbers must be provided when purchasing a permit.

Many of the NVATVC trails are on private property. Please respect the property and stay on the trails. Keep in mind that land owners are allowing us on their land voluntarily and can close the trails at any time if we abuse this privilege.

If you have any questions, please send us an email to:

Summer Trails

Nation Valley ATV Club is home to 450 km of summer trails in Winchester, Kemptville and surrounding areas


Winter Trails

Nation Valley ATV Club  is home to 150 km of groomed trials in the Winchester and Kemptville areas.

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